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About us

The artist

María del Mar Ruiz Bilbao, shortened to Mar Bilbao as it is easier to follow and recall. I was born in Bilbao, Basque Country, though have lived for many years in Catalunya, Spain. I just love painting in whichever medium I come across, and most important I love to inspire others how to paint. Painting is easy, fun, brings much joy, and has no age limit, therefore we are always young to start. I want to share with you my experience in Art. I started painting as a kid with crayons and color pencils,  eventually got into oil, then acrylic, pastels, mix media, watercolor and lately with brush pens. I must say I love all kinds of painting techniques, though watercolor painting caught me deeply with its magical bleeding inspiring effects onto watercolor paper, nevertheless I love to swap techniques, so this is what you will see in my live demo paintings and artwork.

Dream big and follow your heart, never give up in the pursuit of what inspires your soul.

When we do what we love doing and believe in ourselves we are brightened with a special genuine joy which empowers us to create. This is why I say art awakens!