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Abstract art

splash color gallery, abstract acrylic composition: Symphony 2
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Acrylic abstract art is fun, easy and fast, as acrylic paint dries quite immediately, and one may add on layers on top giving depth and texture to all kind of artwork and  paintings.

Please find some colorful abstract art from Mar Bilbao.

Acrylic abstract paintings are an excellent choice as painting dries right away. Acrylic paintings are lightfast colors, which means, colors last very long without fading. You may also use a palette knife, instead of a brush, no strokes, but you will get beautiful textures. Acrylic abstract paintings, as opposed to oil painting, allows building up a deepness effects on your artwork, either on canvas or on paper and is ideal for a mix media performance,  freeing your imagination!

Abstract paintings relate to shapes, forms, light, colors and ideas we have in mind to some extent. I usually play with an image in my head and separate from it in the process of painting. Creating a non imagery piece of art, is giving birth to something unique inspired on images, photos, or pictures one has internalize.

Abstract painting liberates oneself to create fresh and new innovating artwork which can be grouped up by composition, colors or forms. In these cases I was using tiffany color which I adore, along with turquoise, violet; running through all the range soft warm colors. Each one of us, may imagine and see whatever we want to see, and that is the richness of abstract painting.

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