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Mar Bilbao Art is mainly a self-taught artist with innate drawing and painting talent.  Her paintings reflect a vibrant inner passion and sound imagination shown on mediums such as oil, acrylic and watercolor.  Her beginings were more  of a post impressionist figurative style, while she is more and more into a more abract and imaginative style at present. She inspires in daily life, family, friends, city and countryside from home and abroad. Fond of travelling captures her inspiration in the journey lived stories.  Mar Bilbao listens to her inner self when perfoming an artwork, which is her best guidence. Mar Bilbao has exhibited in different countries and has an international background.

Gran vanale Venice

"Ever since I remember I have had the drive for art, even though my former studies and profession have little to do with art.  In 2006 I attended St.Ives School of Painting, Cornwall, UK, where I had an excellent opportunity to learn impressionist and abstract  inspiring art techniques, painting the seascape and Cornish countryside with great teachers, friends and stunning environment, using acrylics, watercolors and oils. Have had the honor to exhibit in solo and collective shows  in London, Milan and Barcelona."