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color splash, abstract acrylic composition: Symphony 2
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Having a white canvas in front of you, may produce a fleeing effect, because it is not easy knowing how to start to fill the painting up. Nevertheless, once you have some idea of the subject and colors you are going to use, starting from scratch is a unique creative adventure, which will give you greatest joy. Acrylic is easy to work with, and there are so many colorful compositions to make.

Three groups 7 abstract paintings relate to 3 different abstract  imaginary art themes, basically by colors and forms.  In the three upper ones creative waterfalls run in the center of the painting giving light and depicting the main artwork subject, space.

With images of a beach on my mind, I created these two 50 x 70 cm canvases on colors tiffany, blue, violet, white, grades of pink, orange and magenta.


Color gradients in tiffany and ocher